Virgin Wines
Website re-branding and optimisation #UX #UXResearch #BehaviouralScience
Putting it briefly...
I worked with Virgin Wines to propose a website re-branding based off research to optimise their site and improve conversion rates. I presented my proposed re-designs to the design team and CEO.
Team: Sophie Ross
March - May 2023
2 Months
The Research
I focused on improving the overall user experience and customer journey of the website. I began by analysing and conducting interviews on the initial site, identifying pain points and areas for opportunities. I also looked at competitor sites for inspiration.
The Re-Design
Using a problem/opportunity - example - solution - proposed redesign approach, I focused on the small details and made changes that reinforced the brand identity making it look even more like Virgin Wines. I supported my decisions with my initial research, behavioural science and UX laws.
The Presentation
For the presentation slides, I condensed my research into a digestible format and explained the small changes I made. I also provided Virgin Wines with a document, which went into even more detail - an example is shown below.