Advertisement project for a marketing agency #illustration #motiongraphics
Putting it briefly...
I decided to participate in a competition organised by Coder Agency, a marketing agency based in Norwich, specifically for students at the Norwich University of the Arts. The challenge was to create advertising for the agency to be displayed on the banners, HD screen, and concourse screen at the Norwich football stadium, in three different sizes.
Team: Sophie Ross
Date: November 2022
Duration: 1 Month
The planning
Given the limited time for this project, I focused on minimal planning by researching other football banner ads. I noticed that many were designed to grab attention quickly and effectively. To achieve this, I sought ways to condense all of the information about the company into a 20-second animation. I chose an animation style similar to my other project, "Behind the Logo", and incorporated a chrome effect to enhance its visual appeal.
The Final Designs
I designed all three formats, including the still images, with the goal of keeping them short, snappy, and visually engaging. I incorporated elements of football, such as a sketch of a football pitch, to appeal to the target audience. I also kept in mind the repetition of the banner around the stadium and made sure that the design had a smooth flow.‍
The Summary
I really enjoyed this project, as it's a bit different to my usual UX university work I got to explore new areas of design I could bring into other UX/UI projects.