Racing Heads
Personally created and marketed a successful F1 themed NFT Collection, with a trading volume of 4 ETH. #SelfDirected #Marketing #NFTs #Crypto
Putting it briefly...
After doing some in-depth research on NFTs after hearing lots about them, I decided to start my own collection of 140 racing helmets, each designed in a 32x32 pixel grid and based on real F1/2/3 drivers' helmets. I chose this project as I already had an audience in the F1 field, making it easier to market my collection. While creating the helmets, I gained valuable experience in marketing, as I had no prior experience in this field. This project taught me a lot about business, cryptocurrency, and advertising/marketing, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn through this endeavour. Additionally, I have enrolled in an online marketing course to further improve my skills.
Team: Sophie Ross
Date: January 2022
Duration: 1 Month
Building it up
I established accounts on various platforms to reach as many people as possible. I created a Twitter account where I launched a giveaway, and an Instagram account where I also launched a separate giveaway. I invested in marketing efforts and had larger pages repost/retweet my posts to gain traction in both the motorsport and NFT communities. Additionally, I created a Discord server where people interested in the project, NFTs, and F1 could chat and find out more information. I also provided tutorials on how to purchase these NFTs, as I anticipated many first-time buyers who might find the process of buying on Polygon daunting. I created a whitelist to generate excitement, allowing people to select up to three helmets two days before release and receive a 10% discount. Additionally, I set up two websites: one with links and a brief description of the project, and another, more in-depth website. The in-depth website included the backstory and utilities of the NFTs, such as the possibility of owning a 3D helmet that could be worn in the Metaverse, access to a special channel in the Discord server, and a trading-like game aspect where owning a pair of F1 drivers NFTs would allow the owner to claim a car NFT.I then created a website to showcase the roadmap and more information on the subject. I wanted to include the backstory and the utilities of the NFTs to help draw people into buying. The utilities would be a chance of a 3D helmet which could be worn in the meta verse, access to a special channel in the discord and a game-like trading aspect to the NFTs, where if you own a F1 drivers pair, you can claim a car NFT.
The release
I ran into a couple slight issues – one being i couldn’t mass upload my NFTs to the Opensea market place so I had to upload all 140 manually. I also received a fair amount of backlash on the F1 side of twitter – people telling me it wasn’t environmentally friendly, even after explaining I’m using the polygon blockchain, I chose to ignore these comments (this lead me to base my 3rd year dissertation on NFTs and the love hate relationship people have). My launch went incredibly well, and within the first 12 hours I had traded a volume of 1.2 ETH! I managed to create enough hype and people were already trading with others. My highest trade is 0.1-0.2, however all my earnings from this helmet were given to charity to commemorate the life of this driver!
Looking back...
This whole project was an incredible learning experience for me, I went into it knowing the bare minimum about NFTs after trialing NFTs with my “Immortal Snail” project I made in November where I learnt the basics of blockchains, crypto and NFTs. During the Racing Heads project, I realised quite soon how important marketing is and you can sell just about anything as long as you market it right and hit the right audience. I also learnt a lot with how to deal with backlash and to not let it stop me.