The Mighty Peas
Conducting research and proposed new designs for a brand new snack #UXResearch #Branding #Packaging #BehaviouralResearch
Putting it briefly...
I teamed up with a course-mate on a project focused on the development of a communication strategy and branding for a pea snack bar with medical benefits, using UX research methodologies. Working alongside The User Story, The John Innes Center and MVPea.
Team: Sophie Ross, Tiegan Carter-Edwards
February - May 2023
3 Months
Research and Analysis
After collecting responses from the survey about users' go-to snack brands, we meticulously examined the data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the most popular brands. Through this research, we extracted key insights that served as the foundation for our subsequent actions. The analysis provided us with valuable information, enabling us to identify the necessary next steps that should be undertaken to progress effectively.
Interviews and focus groups
Our approach involved conducting discovery interviews to gather additional insights into the initial designs and augment our research efforts for the redesign process. Our objective was to acquire a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour, addressing areas that were not adequately covered in the initial research. By compiling and analysing the gathered information, we gained valuable perspectives on the initial designs and competitor packaging. To further evaluate the efficacy of various packaging design approaches in the competitive market, we also conducted a round of Guerrilla testing. This method proved invaluable in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, aiding us in refining our strategies.
Packaging designs
Starting with initial designs, we iteratively refined them based on our gathered research. We carefully chose a design and a range of flavours. Final focus groups were conducted to assess the quality of our designs compared to competitors. Finally, we presented our findings and outcomes to The User Story and the creators of the original pea snack, showcasing our project's progress.