Hello! My name's Sophie and I'm currently in my 3rd year studying BSc UX/UI at NUA. I love all types of design, especially UX/UI and motion graphics. I have already got a lot of experience with live brief after working with Aviva twice on promotional videos and at Formula One after being scouted out to work with them. I also do a lot of freelance work, currently at the pub I work at I manage their website and promotional posters and tickets, I also have worked with a number of different companies doing social media templates. At the end of 2022 I took part in my first ever Sync The City start up event, and my team won! It was an amazing experience working alongside developers to see the full process of businesses and agencies.

Asides from the design world, I love Formula One (if you haven't yet noticed!) and I'm also an avid dancer my University club whilst also managing social media, mixing competition music and sometimes choreograph (when I find the time!). I also love playing the piano and thinking I sound like Mozart (I don't).

Things I use:
Adobe After
Companies I've worked with:
What people have said...

"Great video!" - George Russell (F1 Mercedes driver)

"I’m sitting in the airport smiling like a lunatic!!!  This is absolutely fab !!!" - Jane Poole (CFO, UKGI), In response to my Aviva Promotional video for the Actuarial department