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Sky React
Award winning D&AD entry creating a new immersive feature for Sky #UXUI #MotionGraphics #D&AD
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Putting it briefly...
Sky React lets you express your emotions and opinions in real-time with quick reactions and comments tied to the show's timeline. This feature brings the live TV experience to any pre-recorded content, anytime you want and fosters a sense of community. Beyond sharing your thoughts, the quick reactions will contribute to a new form of categorising from the viewers' emotional perspective.
Sophie Ross
January - March 2023
3 Months
The Research
To develop my idea, I employed the opportunity-solution tree to identify areas for improvement and potential solutions. In addition, I conducted user interviews and designed a survey to gain deeper insights into user needs. I also analysed competitors and their standout features to understand the market landscape. Using this research, I was able to devise a solution that fulfilled the project brief and was supported by thorough research. My idea, Sky React, is a tool that enables viewers to react with emotions and connect with others watching on-demand TV at any time. Following this, I created preliminary wireframes and iterated on my idea to progress it further.
The Design
Iterative design played a significant role in the success of this project. I began by designing the mobile pages with the goal of making them vibrant and visually appealing. I chose to use a bright colour palette, with each colour representing a distinct emotion. I conducted multiple rounds of user testing, including utilising eye-tracking software, which proved to be invaluable in refining my design. Through many iterations, I arrived at a final design that was both consistent with the Sky brand and felt fresh and exciting. As part of my entry, I also created informative JPEGs to provide additional context for my idea. These images can be enlarged by clicking on them.
The Video
A key element of D&AD entries is the promotional video, as selling the idea is half the battle. I recognised the importance of creating an exciting and attention-grabbing video to showcase my idea while also clearly explaining its features and benefits.