Competition Winner
UX/UI Designer for the winning team of start up competition, Sync The City 2022. #CompetitionWinner #UX/UI #StartUp
Putting it briefly...
I took part in Sync The City 2022, a start up competition where any one can pitch their start-up and hope people vote their idea through to be able to pull together a team of designers, business and marketing focused people. the big task is to then build the start up in 48(ish) hours and then pitch it towards the end. I TrustM3 allows instant verification for employers and recruiters that potential employers are as good as their resume, Providing a track record of experience and skills, confirmed through immutable blockchain technology. I worked alongside another UX designer from NUA, we worked on the wire-framing together but I produced the UI and branding for the company.
Team: The TrustM3 Team
Date: November 2022
Duration: 72 Hours
The Idea
We began by discussing with the group and what our goals were for the app. We then generated basic wireframes including things for general app design, e.g. sign up and profile.We then added TrustM3 specifics such as the NFT wallet and the CV page. After iterations and collaborations we developed a combination of designs to create the basic wireframe which formed the basis of our app design.
The Development
Due to our tight schedule, we jumped straight to low/mid fidelity. I chose a dark colour scheme and used gradients as many other crypto sites and modern apps adopt this style. I wanted to give the app a clean feel.I tried different formats and folders but kept with the original ideas it was not the most accessible solution for the user after some user testing.I also tried different formats for the login page, but after discussing with developers we worked out that a log-in page wasn’t necessary for users as we used an external page to connect the wallet.
The Final
After a very nerve-racking wait we were announced as winners, it felt amazing to see all our hard over the last 72 hours work pay off and to enjoy that moment! As you can see in the image below we were all in a bit of disbelief after our presentation was cut short due to technical issues and we couldn't show the personalised NFT we made for the event.