New 2 U
UX/UI & Motion Graphic project, creating a subscription based second hand clothing app. #UIDesign #MotionGraphics #AfterEffects
Putting it briefly...
The task was to create an app with a promotional video for "Design For Good", I chose to tackle the fast fashion issue. I came up with "New2U", a pre-loved clothes subscription box aiming to end the vicious cycle of fast fashion. It's like any subscription box, however you return the box and the contents after the month is up. This way the clothes carry on getting new love and don't get thrown to the back of a wardrobe once you get bored of them, and you get to keep enjoying the excitement of getting new clothes every month while contributing to a sustainable future.
Team: Sophie Ross
Date: Nov-Feb 2021/22
Duration: 3 Months
The Discovery
I began this project by conducting basic research and interviews to identify the best solution for a subscription clothing box. I conducted varied research, including competitor analysis of other subscription boxes. Through this research, I discovered that sites like Depop were not meeting the needs of consumers, as they were being used as a marketplace for reselling fast fashion. Additionally, my research indicated that people tend to get bored of their clothing quickly, leading me to the concept of a monthly box with the option to keep or return the items. Furthermore, my research revealed that many people struggle to find sustainable clothing options. Combining all of these findings, I developed the idea for a subscription mystery clothing box that focuses on sustainability.
The Design
To initiate my design process, I created site maps and (a lot of) wireframes to ensure that the user's journey of customising their box was as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I experimented with various features and ultimately included options for the size of the box, subscription length, colours the user does not wear, and general style preferences. Additionally, I chose to add a feature in called the 'Explore' which allowed other users to post pictures in their clothes from boxes and if people liked them the app would remember for their future boxes. I knew that this was very important as for a lot of people how they dress is how they express themselvesI then began working on the visual identity..Next, I focused on developing the visual identity of the app, keeping in mind that it needed to appeal to a younger audience and convey a sense of being "cool" and "trendy." I chose to use high contrasting colours and a black background to give the platform a progressive feel. I experimented with various colour options, ultimately selecting green as it represents freshness and sustainability.I then began to brainstorm and story board my animation, I wanted it to be colourful and clean.