Personal Project including app development, poster designs & video editing. #appdev #photoshop #premierepro #aftereffects
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Putting it briefly...
I love to push myself and set myself design challenges, I love all types of design and if I have free time I know how I'll fill it. After becoming (quite a big) F1 fan in 2020, I turned my focus here, having a topic to design for which I was already so passionate about just made it so much more enjoyable. I started with created F1 video edits, then moving onto posters and then creating my first ever iPhone app all in later December and January 2021. After posting all my work and also starting a social media content creation account for F1 I had received a good amount of attention to the point where I was scouted and offered a job at F1 by the beginning of February. This really motivated me as I realised that if I put my mind to it I could achieve some amazing things. My social media accounts carried on growing to the point where i amassed almost 40k followers between accounts and received a few brand deals and freelance design work through.
Team: Sophie Ross
Duration: Ongoing
F1 Apps
I wanted to challenge myself and learn new skills, so I decided to create mobile games based on Formula One. I've now released four games, starting with a simple jumping game and progressing to more complex games with additional features. I put my knowledge of user experience (UX) to use in these games and used an app builder to create them. My most recently updated game, "It's Lights Out," has almost 10,000 players. One of my games caught the attention of Formula One and gave me the opportunity for an internship, and another was played by Mercedes team principle Toto Wolff, who the game was based on. You can download my games using the link above!‍
F1 Posters
As well as creating F1 apps, I also enjoyed creating posters and designs in my spare time, these are just some of my more recent designs - more can be found on my twitter! (Link at top)
F1 Videos
The first thing I created in the F1 space where some video edits, the first one I made was about the driver George Russell who actually ended up seeing the video and replying and liking it after it went slightly viral (my claim to fame)! Since then I created trailer like videos for the Netflix show 'Drive to Survive' and other edits. I really enjoyed creating emotion using the music and the clips. These also drew the attention of F1 itself.