About me;

I’m 19 years old and am currently studying User Experience Design at NUA, I enjoy all aspects of the creative fields, for example user experience design, VFX, video editing, animation, app building, and graphics design. I am a fast learner and creator, therefore I use many different packages to keep myself busy! I recently started creating video edits and building apps. I currently have 5 games on the Appstore and 2 on google play and have managed to create a community around them, with almost 10k followers on instagram and 15k on TikTok. Im also a big fan of video editing and how i am able to bring out emotions in people, knowing my creation has made an impact lets me know I’ve managed to accomplish something. I also love graphics and making poster design for sport and other means.

Packages I use/am learning;
What people have said;

“Nice Video ☺️” – George Russell, F1 driver 


“Keep doing what you’re doing, you have a talent” – Toto Wolff, Team Principle at MercedesAMG (during a zoom chat)


“I thought it (a promotional 8 minute video I did for Aviva’s financial department)  was great! Very engaging and clear – it kept my attention the whole time.” –  Matt Saker, Group Chief Actuary Aviva Plc 


“Thank you very much for the excellent animated video that brought together very well all of the brilliant work we have been doing” –  Jason Windsor, Group CFO


“I’m really proud of you” – My Mum

Thank you so much if you left a comment, it means so so so much to me, you’re the best <3