N&S Unlimited
Group UX research project to propose a re-design and improvement strategy for a local inward investment company. #UXResearch #GroupWork #IndustryProject
Putting it briefly...
Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited is a brand that will be globally marketed to attract inward investment to the region. The project brings together local, private, and public sector partners to promote the region, boost business growth, and drive inward investment. Our group's task was to thoroughly analyse the website and present the company with ways to improve it, backed by the research we conducted. This was my first group project in UX, and it was a valuable experience working with others.
Team: NUA UX Student Class
Date: March-May 2022
Duration: 3 Months
The Research
We conducted thorough research, starting by mapping out the website and analysing each page and its layout, which revealed many areas for improvement. We conducted numerous user interviews with shareholders, case studies of Norfolk & Suffolk, and other relevant individuals. We obtained valuable insights into the company and its goals. We also obtained access to the company's website analytics, which proved to be very useful. Additionally, we conducted a lot of research on competitors and identified our preferred features.
Pulling it all together
Once we felt we had gathered enough research, we compiled it all and created a design document to present to the company. I was responsible for a large section of the usability review section, where I identified areas that could be improved and offered suggestions, including features from competitors' sites that were executed better. While other members of the group focused on presenting our research and highlighting the most important information we uncovered. I also created a quick prototype of the website's homepage, incorporating all the research we had conducted.
The Summary
After presenting we got a lot of positive feedback. I personally found this project very interesting as it was so focussed on research, I really enjoyed seeing it all come together at the end.