Revision App

For one of my recent uni projects i had to create an app design, i chose to make an app that could make revision more fun for younger people. In the app (partnered with bitesize), you get your own ‘revision world’. Your dorm is were you can do solo revision including flashcards and group revision calls with friends. Then in the hallway you can take classes, do exams and even do mini games. The incentive for doing these tasks is you gain coins which you can spend on decorating your dorm/avatar. The common room is were you can spend talking to other students your age between revision.

HSBC Redesign

I felt that the HSBC mobile banking app could be improved, so I set a task for myself to redesign the interface. I began with sketching the navigation of the app and then I made a wireframe and then a high-fidelity version with the UI added. Between the wireframe and the final I tested it on some people and made the appropriate changes for the final to be as optimised as possible.

D&AD Spotify Entry

coming soon 🙂