Medicine Repacking

For a recent university project, the brief was to package a concept. I selected ‘a cure for the issues of modern life’. I chose 3 common problem – lack of money, tiredness and sadness/social awkwardness.Many people chose to self medicate using alcohol and coffee, so I completely redesigned packaging for these down to the fine print. I also created packaging for extra money in the same way (Wageisgon). I approached all 3 of these in a humorous way.

Typography Booklet

For one of my university projects we had to create a booklet based on typography, I chose to do it on supermarket type. My idea was to take pictures of typography in the A-Z of a shop, for example collecting all the b’s in the bread section and all the c’s in the chocolate section. If I couldn’t come up with a product/food group for that letter I chose to display it as ‘out of stock’, and replicated a real out of stock label.  I then chose to present it on packaging, below are some example pages.

One Word Poster

For my first university project we had to create posters using one word. I chose the word ‘pool’, the poster had to include the chosen word but it couldn’t be layered on top as separate text, it had to be a part of the design. So I created the word out of pool inflatables, I also made an animation to go along with this (can be found in the after effects tab).

Children's Story Book

This book was my coursework for my Graphic Design A-Level, my idea for the book was a ‘choose your own ending book’ about young children getting scared of monsters in the night. My aim for this book is to help the reader feel less afraid at night once they realise there are no monsters, just their imagination. If the reader end ups choosing to call ‘mummy’ over ‘face the monster themselves’ they then have to go back to the last checkpoint and keep working through the book until they haven’t called their mum at all and have done it on their own. Below are a few example pages from the digital version, however I have also printed a few copies. (illustrated and written by me) 

School Advertising

I was asked to do a couple of designs for some school events. The first one was to create a poster and program for the dance festival. I wanted the poster to be eye-catching and memorable, the colourful dancer on the front can be seen from far away which would draw people in. The next poster design was for a school play. For the poster I wanted to emphasise the text I was given, for example I used an imperfect circle followed by a perfect circle. 

Flat Earth

Another one of my A-Level projects was create a simple design for a random one sentence brief, I was given “1/3 of millennials believe the earth is flat. I began with making ordinary millennial scenes, for example parties and pizza and then subtly putting a flat earth in. I wanted the design of this to be really simple and clean. I then moved onto another idea with people walking off the edge of the earth, I really liked the simplicity in that one.