Formula 1

Drive To Survive Trailer

I noticed a lot of people where waiting for the Drive to Survive season 3 trailer, I thought this would be a great opportunity to make my own despite never trying before. I ended up making two because i couldn’t decide on a song! I posted the first one to twitter and immediately got amazing feedback, at least half believed it was the real thing which i do feel slightly bad for! It managed to get over 4k likes on twitter! I also got a message from the creators of the series!

Phone Games

I’ve always always wanted to create my own apps, so i decided to create some really simple games! I decided to chose a pixel theme and made them loosely related to F1.

The first idea was to spread awareness about some issues in F1 and the second was just a casual, fun game:) The first game took me a week to make and the second took me around 2 days!

Bin the Egg has gotten over 400 downloads and i only just released Smashy Tables so im not quite sure on the numbers yet!ย ย 

Smashy Tables:

Video Edits

Over Christmas, I decided to try my hand at video and film editing to music, which I haven’t done before. I chose to use F1 as my base andย decided to focus on one driver in particular who had been given the chance to go from driving one of the slowest cars on the grid to the fastest for a single race (due to the original driver, Lewis Hamilton, being unwell). This is my first attempt after an evening of working on it! To my surprise the video (which I posted to twitter) managed to reach George Russell, the driver, who liked and commented on it!(even though he never likes/comments on unofficial posts!)ย  I also received great feedback from other users!ย 

I then went on to make a couple more focusing on Pierre Gasly and the season as a whole, I got some positive feedback from these as well!


Poster Designs

I also decided to have a go at creating some poster and wallpaper designs!ย 

I also decided to have a go at creating some poster and wallpaper designs!ย 

I posted these to twitter and received some more great feedback and a number of people telling me it was their new lock screen/wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜€ !