Formula One

Drive To Survive Trailer

I noticed a lot of people were waiting for the Drive to Survive season 3 trailer. I thought this would be a great opportunity to create my own version of one as a means to become familiar with a different medium. I ended up making two, because I couldn’t decide on a song! I posted the first one to twitter and immediately got amazing feedback, at least half believed it was the real thing which I do feel slightly bad for! It received over 4k likes on twitter! I also got a message from the creators of the series!

F1 Phone Games

Something I’ve always wanted to do since I was young was to create mobile phone games. I decided to create some and used formula one for my inspiration. I wanted to use jokes from the sport instead of using the sport itself, as there are already quite a few racing games. I began with my first app “Bin The Egg”. My intention with this was to spread awareness about current issues in the sport and to be able to educate more people. This app did well and I reached 400 downloads! I’m still working on making this available on android as well!

I then decided to make another one, this one I called Smashy Tables. I used the Mercedes Team Principal as inspiration! I was pleased with the final result and particularly liked the pixel backgrounds I created for it :)) After being in a zoom call with Toto himself he said he enjoyed playing the game!

I also made “Dashton Martin’ for Aston Martins car launch, this was a super simplistic game idea as I only had 3 days to come up with, design, create and release it!

Simply search “Smashy Tables”, “Bin the Egg” or “Dashton Martin”  on the appstore to download! Thank you if you do!

It's Lights Out

For my most recent game I wanted to create a more elaborate concept. I chose to base this game of McLaren. The idea is you control the car and have to dodge other cars on the track, if you hit one it’s game over. There are also cracks littered around the track and if you hit one of these you will get ‘tyre damage’ and it make your steering a lot harder. 

This game did the best out of all my others with over 550 players (now over 2,000 – september 2021) and counting! The game was also featured in the Software’s (which i use) blog check out the post below 🙂


Unfortunately I had to rebrand it due to McLarens policies, and chose to go with a blue theme.


Video Edits

Over Christmas, I decided to try my hand at video and film editing to music, which I haven’t done before. I chose to use F1 as my base and decided to focus on one driver in particular who had been given the chance to go from driving one of the slowest cars on the grid to the fastest for a single race (due to the original driver, Lewis Hamilton, being unwell). This is my first attempt after an evening of working on it! To my surprise the video (which I posted to twitter) managed to reach George Russell, the driver, who liked and commented on it!(even though he never likes/comments on unofficial posts!)  I also received great feedback from other users! 

I then went on to make a couple more focusing on Pierre Gasly and the season as a whole, I got some positive feedback from these as well! However I didn’t realise just how dark the filter I applied to the Gasly edit was!!

3D Render Pen

I wanted to try some 3D rendering so I started off practicing with lighting and camera angles. I thought creating a funny pen reveal video would be a great way to start getting to grips with blender.

Merch Designs

After having a zoom call with Toto Wolff, I noticed the distinct lack of Toto merch, so I took the matters into my own hands and made a few designs. The first few are my own and then I did a collab with my friend using her sketches,

Poster Designs

I started creating posters/wallpapers back in February. I posted these to twitter and once again received some great feedback! You can clearly see the progression of my Photoshop skills as the months go on (starting from bottom to top)!