App Developing

It's Lights out

This game had a more elaborate concept than my previous games(originally themed around the team Mclaren, unfortunately due to their legal policies I had to change this to a blue theme). The idea is you control the car and have to dodge other cars on the track, if you hit one it’s game over. There are also cracks littered around the track and if you hit one of these you will get ‘tyre damage’ and it make your steering a lot harder. In recent updates I’ve added a DRS ‘power up’ and a new feature where if you hit more than 5 cracks then it’s game over, as i noticed people wouldn’t avoid cracks as it doesn’t hugely affect you! This game was quite challenging to update, as there were many instances where it would crash for a random group of people. Thankfully I persevered on and solved the issue.

This game has done the best out of all my others with over 2.5k players! The game was also featured in the Software’s (which i use) blog!

Tyre Topple

Tyre topple is my most recent game, and probably my favourite! The aim is to stick and balance the falling tyres together, however there is some added physics to this game so when you move from side to side the stack wobbles with the movement. If a falling tyre or the tyre stack touch the floor then it’s game over! 

Dashton Martin

“Dashton Martin’ was made for Aston Martins car launch at the start of the 2021 season, this was a super simplistic game idea as I only had 3 days to come up with, design, create and release it! All you have to do is jump over the oncoming tyres and collect the coins, there is also a special power up which are a set of wings which allow you to fly over the tyres for 5 seconds!

Smashy Tables

Smashy tables was one of the first games I created, it was aimed towards the Mercedes F1 team principle, Toto Wolff. It’s a well known joke that he ‘smashes’ tables so i thought id bring that joke to life in a game. It’s a similar concept to flappy birds but with tables! I was pleased with the final result and particularly liked the pixel backgrounds I created for it :)) After being in a zoom call with Toto himself he said he enjoyed playing the game!

If you are on tablet/phone and the videos aren’t loading just click the play button and they should appear!